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Residential Services

We at Madge Roofing Inc. in Saskatoon and Biggar offers exceptional residential roofing services for your home. Our team has extensive experience in new construction as well as repairs and inspections. We guarantee quality roofing, advice, and customer service to make residential roof work as simple as possible for you and your family.

New Construction

Building a home is always an exciting event, but it can be stressful sometimes. Trust us to get all of the new construction of your roof completed efficiently, timely, and correctly. We will put our hardest work into your roof, adding character and quality that will last for years to come. We’ll work on the structure, insulation, and other components for a complete roof. The materials we use include but are not limited to asphalt shingles, clay tiles, wood shakes, and metal roofing.

roof wood construction man working sky

men working on new roof


If your roof is slowly falling apart over time, our roofers can perform comprehensive re-roofing services to get it back into shape. This includes reinforcing the structure, replacing the siding, and installing new shingles or soffits. The knowledge and expertise our team is known for has all of the capabilities to get the job done. We will do all of the work so you don’t have to.

Roof Repairs

Our roof repairs are available for storm or wind damage, water leaks, and other unfortunate instances that ended up being hazardous for your roof. We are available to fix structures, roofing materials, insulation, siding, and anything else on your roof that needs repairing.

new roof installation on damaged house

metal roofing house

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a solid choice for durability and protection. We repair and install metal roofing that may be expensive at first, but will pay off in the long run as they require minimal maintenance and hold up in the toughest of weather conditions. We provide heavy duty metal roofing material to provide a more permanent solution that combats extreme, everyday wear and tear.

Flat Roofing

flat roof house

Soffit TJ's

Eavestrough, Soffit, and Fascia

Soffit and fascia are both very important pieces in upholding your roof. Soffit is the exposed surface right underneath the overhanging section of the roof’s eave. It aids in providing ventilation for your attic space, ensuring rotting does not happen during wet seasons. Soffits are most exposed to the eavestroughing and gutters of your home, so we offer services to clean and repair those as well. We want to assure you we can take complete care of the working parts of your roof. If servicing is done early, costly damages can be avoided.

Fascia is the finished edge that connects to the area where gutters are attached to the roof. It offers an extra layer of protection for the edge of the roof, working hard to keep harmful weather from doing too much damage. Aside from being completely functional, fascia also plays a large aesthetic role as it smooths the edges of your roofing for a complete, beautiful look.

Cor Certified

Workplace safety is one of our top priorities. Madge Roofing Inc. wants to set a higher standard for safety throughout the entire roofing industry. We are fully certified by COR, which verifies we are meeting national standards for occupational health and safety management. Reducing incidents, accidents, and injuries on the job is possible with effective safety management. If you need experienced roofing contractors who will get the job done safely and professionally, contact Madge Roofing Inc. today!

Cor Certified

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